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Absolute Rummy 10

2 usd

Rummy, the classic card game! Finally the new version 10 for Android is available.Whether beginner, casual or professional player, in "Absolute Rummy 10 " you can find everything you need for an exciting game of Rummy.
Comprehensive settings and options give you the ability to customize the card game individually.Whether against 1, 2 or 3 opponents, the new A.I. guarantees a thoroughly enjoyable game .
Das (optional) enthaltene erweiterte Regelwerk entspricht der wohl aufwendigsten Zusammenstellung verschiedener Regeln und Einstellungen bisheriger AR-Versionen.
The advanced contained set of rules (optional) corresponds to the most elaborate compilation of different rules and settings of previous AR versions.
Features:• Intelligent opponents• extensive game and special rules• Various backgrounds, card sets and card covers• Detailed Instructions• Single player or multiplayer on request• Shop System for exquisite extensions
Includes optional (depending on in-app purchase) freely selectable variations:1. Number of computer opponents (1 - 3 (max. 3 opponents))2. Various difficulty of opponents3. Maximum round time in online games (30 sec to 10 minutes or disabled)4. Compatibility mode (compatibility with the old "Absolute Rummy Pro" version in online mode)
Special Rules (freely choosable):1. Number of cards in the game (1 or 2 stacks)2. Limit of sequences3. Jokers throwable4. Game opener chooseable: Winner or looser of the last round, clockwise, randomly
Special Rules (choosable depending on in-app purchase):5. Number of jokers in the game (0-10)6. Minimal size of stacks to be laid out (between 2 and 5)7. Number of cards in your hand at the beginning (between 5 and 20)8. Points for the initial registration (0 to 42)9. Jokers allowed in initial registration10. Initial registration with one or several stacks11. More jokers than pure cards allowed12. Jokers side by side allowed13. Different modes for the occurance of an ace: "low", "low and high", "around the corner"14. Value for a "high" ace (10,11 or 15 points)15. Value for a ace "around the corner" (1,10,11 oder 15 Punkte)